Your character will leap into the air and can perform attacks specific to the jumping state. Jumping is done by pressing up, up forward or up back on the joystick. By lighting tapping up, you can perform a small hop. While running or by tapping down before up, you'll do a super jump. Some characters have special moves that can only be done while jumping. Some characters also have the ability to triangle jump, which allows them to grab the wall during a jump and jump again. This can be done by holding up-forward after jumping backward towards the wall.


Your character can walk forward or backward depending on the direction you hold. Characters can also run toward the opponent in order to cover the space gap faster. Running is done by double tapping and holding forward. Characters can also hop backward to avoid attacks or escape their opponent. Retreating is done by double tapping back.


Your character can block attacks in order to avoid damage from attacks. Jumping attacks and high standing attacks must be blocked high by holding back during an attack. Low standing attacks and crouching attacks must be blocked low by holding down back. Some attacks can also be blocked while jumping. Hold back, while jumping. Some attacks your character performs may provide "auto guard", which means it will automatically block an attack prior to attacking. Check the movelist to see if your character has an "auto guard". Lastly, some attacks, such as throws cannot be blocked. You will again want to consult the movelist to see which attacks cannot be blocked.


Your character can throw opponents when close enough to override their ability to block. A throw is done by holding forward and pressing either strong punch or strong kick, while close to the opponent. Some characters are able to throw while in the air. Air throws are done while jumping and next to an opponent by holding forward and pressing strong punch. Se the movelist to see if your character can air throw. Lastly, some characters have special throws that increase the throwing range or move in to obtain throw range. Consult the movelist to see if your character has a special throw.


All characters have two blowback attacks which instantly knock the opponent off their feet. One blowback is done from the air and the other is done on the ground. A blowback attack is done by pressing strong punch and strong kick simultaneously.


All characters can taunt their opponent. Some characters can taunt while jumping and some character's taunts can deal damage. To taunt an opponent, press the start button.



Characters can sidestep their opponents attacks to close the gap or escape an opponent, while avoiding taking damage. Sidesteps have limited invincibility and characters can still be thrown while sidestepping. Sidestepping forward can be done by pressing weak punch and weak kick simultaneously. In order to sidestep backward, you will need to hold back, while executing the sidestep command.

Emergency Evade

When blocking, your character can use one level of super meter to perform an emergency evade. This allows your character to reposition themselves with a sidestep, while your opponent continues their attack. Press the weak punch and weak kick attacks simultaneously to evade forward or hold back and execute the command to evade backward. The evade has complete invincibility.

Quick Recovery

When your opponent knocks you off your feet, you will have an opportunity to quickly hit the ground and land on your feet, allowing for a counter attack. This is done by pressing the weak punch and weak kick buttons simultaneously at the moment when you are about to hit the ground. Note that some attacks such as Desperation Moves do not allow for quick recovery.


Counter Attacks

When blocking, your character can use one level of super meter to counter attack.Press the strong punch and strong kick attacks simultaneously. This attack has complete invincibility.

Counter Throws

When being thrown, your character has a brief window at the beginning of the throw to shrug it off and will receive no damage. Press forward and either strong punch or strong kick.

Counter Specials

Some characters have special attacks that counter opponents. Type 1 counters target either jumping attacks and high special attacks, or standing attacks, ducking attacks and low special attacks. Type 2 counters all non-ducking/low attacks. Type 3 counters only counter standing attacks, but will perform an attack even if the counter doesn't connect. Check the character movelist for more details.



All characters have the ability to cancel different light attacks together to create combos. Certain light attacks will chain into unique attacks, which in turn can allow a character to combo into a special move or a desperation move. Players are encouraged to explore each character to find out which unique combinations they have. A unique chain is executed by holding forward or down and forward, plus weak attack. Some characters can even link weak air attacks.


Certain moves have the ability to execute a launch, which allows for the possibility for juggle combos. A move with vertical launch capability sends the opponent high into the air for the juggle, whereas a horizontal launcher allows a combination to occur after the opponent is sent flying into the wall and bounces off of it. Consult the character's movelist to learn which moves have juggle potential.

Desperation Moves

Characters have access to their desperation moves once they obtain at least 1 level of super meter. The meter builds as you attack with specials, connect with attacks and take damage from non-throw attacks. All characters have 2 level 1s, 1 level 2 and 1 level 3. A desperation move allows for an auto string of combination attacks, heavy damage attacks and larger projectile attacks. Consult the character's movelist for desperation move commands.


Call Partner

During Tag Mode, the player will control 2 character's at once. At any time during the battle, a player switch in with their partner by pressing down and the start button.

Life Recovery

When a partner is switched out, they will immediately begin to gain life. There is no limit on the amount of life that can be regained in this manner. The life recovery ends when the partner is switched back into the battle.

Partner KO

When the active character is knocked out, their partner re-enters the battle and continues the fight. Unlike normal switches, the character comes in with complete invincibility to avoid being cheaped out. Once both partners are knocked out, the fight is over.


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