The King of Fighters E is a free fighting game you can play on your PC using the Mugen game creation engine. It uses the characters from the King of Fighters franchise. There's no installation required. Just unzip and play. The game will feature:

72 fully playable character including characters never before seen in an old school KOF game.

3 different fight modes: One on One, Tag Battle (including Co-op play with a friend) and Team Battle.

Simple, easy to learn gameplay. No more 360s or zig zag motions, instant access to all moves without POWing, etc.

The game will have a story for arcade mode for each team. More to come when this is implemented.

CLICK BELOW! It's free. No installation. Works on Windows XP and higher!

July 10/2016

The website got a facelift in order to prepare for EVO. Check out the new story for KOFE and some screenshots. Some sections are still under construction. Speaking of EVO, I'll be there. So if you plan to attend and see a guy playing Mugen on his laptop, come over and say hi!

July 2/2016

A new special version of KOFE has just been released to celebrate EVO. I've taken all the feedback I've received from v0.99 and issues I've found on my own and did a pretty big update to the game. Tag glitches have been fixed, awkward spriting positions, a couple new moves and newcommer Nakoruru joins the roster. Iori has temporarily been removed as I update his look. He'll be released once his update is finished as a separate download. Links on the download page

Version 1.0 is planned for release sometime in the first quarter of 2017. Here's what will be added:


      Raiden                         Ryuhaku                 Richard             John               Kusanagi               Hanzo

The KOFE Story for Arcade mode | More combo opportunities for each character | Scaling AI | Missing Collapse KOs for characters

A redesign for Vice to give her pants

A redesigned version Iori will be coming out in the next few months that you'll be able to add to your KOFE game


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