May 23/2016 - I've released a bunch of patched characters thanks to community feedback and have also released Oswald. You can download all the patched characters separately or redownload the fullgame that has Oswald and all the patches. Links on the download page

May 7/2016 - So who wants a day 1 patch? No more ctrl +3 or ctrl + 4 to select your tag partner. Link to the patch is on the download page

May 5/2016 - Version 0.99 of KOFE is live! Go to the download page for all the links

May 2/2016 - Hello. Version 0.99 of KOFE will go live this coming weekend. There are a total of 66 characters that you will be able to choose from plus a new tag mode to test out. Please check the site this weekend to find all the download links



Jan 10/2016 - Happy New Year to all. The project continues. I have completed all but 6 characters at this point. I've finalized the KOFE roster at 72 fighters. Go take a look to see some goodies. More progress to come soon.

Oct 25/2015 - I have returned after a huge hiatus. Needed to recharge my battery. What does this mean for KOFE? Version 1.0 is on the way. I took down the weblinks for the old 0.95 as I'm no longer supporting it. I've already implemented the new tag mode and finished up Heidern, Goddess and Lee. Only 5 characters remain. Look for version 1.0 to be release early next year. :)

Apr 09/2012 - The latest version of KOFE (v0.95) is now available for download. It is in 3 parts. The game without the music, the music folder and a separate download for Athena's theme. Note that I will also be posting LA's booster character KOFE style Ryu for download soon too. Enjoy! :D

Apr 01/2012 - The latest PDF of the game has been posted in the download section.

Apr 01/2012 - I'm back. Sorry for the long delay. What's new in KOFE land? Well version 0.95 will be released within the week. It will feature 7 new characters along with the return of Shiki. I've also expanded the roster upto 67 characters. My team has also grown. I have a coding assistant and a spriter now. More news coming soon.

Jan 02/2011 - So the News feed that I posted about the new v0.9 release just vanished... It was release around the 20th. Anyway, I've since updated the downloads with new content. The updated PDF has been posted, a new chars pack was uploaded that has Shermie and Yashiro as well as a lot of gameplay fixes, and Shermie and Yashiro's stages and musics have been upload. Go to the download section for more!

Dec 12/2010 - Wow, I've been away for a really long time. KOFE v0.9 will be released in the next couple of days. It features a lot of bug fixes, 8 new characters, the most recent version of mugen and more. Stay tuned as I will be updating the download page very soon. :)

Also note that the roster has received a heavy shake up since last release. Shiki, Neo Dio and Silver are out and Goro, Shen Woo, Duolon, Ryuhaku, Zero, Chris and Oswald are in

May 27/2010 - Uploaded Jhun's fixed mp3 stage theme. Winrar always screws up my game in some way. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

May 26/2010 - Download link for part 4 fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

May 25/2010 - KOFE Version 0.8 is out now!!! Download it in the download section. Unfortunately there's no "no music" or one shot downloads yet, but they'll be up soon hopefully. Don't forget to report bugs and comments at the forum at Mugenguild under the fullgame section.

May 19/2010 - KOFE Version 0.8 is only a couple weeks away. In preparation, you can download and view the latest pdf with all the new characters from the download section.

May 2/2010 - Adel was completed in December, Rock Was completed and released in January (to download him now, go to the download section and click his name), Jenet was completed in March and Krizalid and Nameless were completed in April.

KOFE Version 0.8 is set to be released later this month and includes a host of updates for all characters, new powerbars, new portraits and 6 new characters. Stay tuned for the release.

Tizoc will be added to KOFE, replacing Duck King. There is talk of perhaps including Hwa Jai instead, but that depends on whether or not I can get a spriter for that project.

Nov 18/2009 - For those who are having issues with the full game download, I've reposted the Mai.snd fix that solves the issue. It can be downloaded in the downloads section.

Nov 8/2009 - KOFE v0.75 has been released. It's the last release of the year. I'm proud to announce that KOFE is now running on Mugen +1.0. This is a huge upgrade in terms of sound options. Maxima also joins the roster in this version. Get it in the downloads section. Choose fullgame download or download the game and music separately. :)

Sept 28/2009 - I am still on hiatus, but felt the need to fix a huge glitch with the AI from the current release as it'll probably hamper people from giving comprehensive feedback. Download the fix in the download section.

Sept 20/2009 - I am currently on hiatus. My apologies for not updating the site sooner. The server it was housed on was giving me problems. Since the last news item, Vice, Mature and Goenitz have been completed and version 0.7 has been released. Only the fullgame download and PDF download will be available for the time being as it's too time demanding to continuously re-update loads all the time. Head to the Downloads section to get the fullgame. Also updated the Info section if you're keeping tabs on the game and versions.

Version 0.7: Includes Saisyu, Vice, Mature, Goenitz and WIP Raiden. Fixes several character moves including Leona, Mai, Rugal, K' and Chizuru. Combo system has been upgraded. AI has been modified. New '98 UM Lifebars replace the old placeholders.

Sept 19/2009 - A full new team is being added to the ranks and finalizing the roster: Angel, Nameless, Elizabeth and Ash will be in KOFE.

Jun 14/2009 - Saisyu is ready for downloading.

Jun 07/2009 - Mai's update is up and ready for downloading.

Apr 25/2009 - The links for KOFEv0.5 and Shiki are up.

Apr 19/2009 - Angel is being removed from the project and will be replaced with Saisyu. KOFE v0.5 will be the last chance to download her. v0.5 will be up soon.

Apr 15/2009 - Had to take down the download links. Too many people were complaining about viruses at the old server. Will upload to a new server soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Apr 15/2009 - Raiden is coming to KOFE. Some time next year.

Apr 14/2009 - Yamazaki completed and up. Shiki should be up this weekend along with the newest version of KOFE.

Mar 26/2009 - Started Yamazaki last weekend and started Shiki today. Should both be released with the newest version of KOFE in a week or 2.

Mar 06/2009 - Kula has been released. She isn't in the fullgame download however, and won't be until the next version.

Mar 06/2009 - Make you voice heard. I am considering making KOFE's Simul mode into a Tag mode. Visit the forum (listed in the info section) and cast your vote!

Mar 05/2009 - Kula is complete. Look for her and the new PDF tomorrow. Updates to K', Angel, Whip and Kim are up now. Also, Shiki is joining the roster.

Feb 28/2009 - It's been a long time coming, but work is almost completed on Kula. There will be more character updates to go along with her release. Stay tuned!

Feb 19/2009 - Started Kula. She will be the most time consuming character since Yuri.

Jan 25/2009 - Both Neo-Dio and the Full Game have been uploaded. The full game is split into 3 parts. Happy playing!

Jan 24/2009 - Major update to Kasumi. She gains a new move and loses an old one. PDF will be changed to reflect this.

Jan 17/2009 - Robert is ready for downloading. Andy has been re-uploaded to fix a few glitches.

Jan 12/2009 - Andy is ready for downloading. Everyone else is up except for Neo-Dio and Robert. Their final touches aren't finished yet. System download should be up tomorrow.

Jan 12/2009 - Andy is completed and will be uploaded in the next day or so.

Jan 11/2009 - Download site was down yesterday, but is back up now. Have uploaded Ryo(fix), Joe(fix), Geese(fix), Terry, Mai, Kyo, Iori, Rugal and Benimaru.

Jan 10/2009 - Have uploaded Ryo, Joe, Mr. Big, Chizuru and Angel. Ryo and Joe feature new animations and glitch fixes. Mr. Big's stage has been updated.

Jan 08/2009 - Have uploaded Krauser, Geese, Vanessa and Yuri. All 4 have had brand new updates that includes critical glitch fixes.

Jan 05/2009 - The first download is available. It's the new PDF including Neo-Dio, Andy and Robert. Since the characters won't include the pdf, this will be the only way to download their movesets without downloading the entire game.

Jan 04/2009 - Andy has been started. Major fixes done to all characters universalizing the sprite #s for ducking and stomach lying. Yuri and Joe's projectile helpers issues have been fixed.

Jan 03/2009 - Fixed the following glitches:
Krauser's Gigatic Cyclone fails to bind in 2 player simul
Geese's Raising Storm explode portion needs to be unbound
Leona b version throw needs to be fixed
Krauser and Geese's deadly raves cannot be quick recovered from any of the hits now
Benimaru's dash special now has afterimages

Jan 02/2009 - The website launches. Download section still need tweeking. Links to downloads haven't yet been established.

Jan 01/2009 - Robert is complete.

Dec 24/2008 - The website is being tweeked. Info and Index sections are now completed. Just have downloads to go...

Dec 21/2008 - Neo-Dio is complete.

Dec 10/2008 - The website is now up.

Dec 10/2008 - Finished website design.

Dec 06/2008 - Compleded Desing for both homepage and info. Updated status on game requisite and planned out the future KOFE v0.5

Dec 05/2008 - Started website design




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