The King of Fighters E is a free fighting game you can play on your PC using the Mugen game creation engine. It uses the characters from the King of Fighters franchise. There's no installation required. Just unzip and play. The game will feature:

72 fully playable character including characters never before seen in an old school KOF game.

3 different fight modes: One on One, Tag Battle (including Co-op play with a friend) and Team Battle.

Simple, easy to learn gameplay. No more 360s or zig zag motions, instant access to all moves without POWing, etc.

The game will have a story for arcade mode for each team. More to come when this is implemented.

CLICK BELOW! It's free. No installation. Works on Windows XP and higher!

If you like the game and want to support our efforts to create new characters and finish the content, feel free to donate below:

May 21/2019

Sorry for the lack of updates on the website. There has been a lot of sprite work that needed to get done, but I've finally updated KOFE and released it. You now have a new combo system, new characters like Lin, Hinako, Ryu and Chun-Li, a bunch of system tweaks to remove glitches, new moves and color separation for some characters with new costumes. I'm really proud of the team and have hopefully made something a bit more enjoyable than the 2016 version. Also note that there is now a donation button if you'd like to support the tail end of the development, which includes the heaviest spriting activities and a story mode. Visit the KOFE forum at the mugen guild or send me an email to share feedback. Enjoy!

The final release (version 1.0) is planned for 2020. Here's what's left to do:


A redesign for Vice to give her pants | A redesign of Hinako to give her a sporty look


           Raiden             Ryuhaku               John           Michael           Hanzo    

Plus the full Capcom roster, including these Capcom conversions


      Cammy             Morrigan             Decapre

The completion of Vega, Balrog, Sagat and Guile

The KOFE Story for Arcade mode and the remaining wire damage sprites


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