The King of Fighters E is a free fighting game you can play on your PC using the Mugen game creation engine. It uses the characters from the King of Fighters franchise. There's no installation required. Just unzip and play. The game will feature:

72 fully playable character including characters never before seen in an old school KOF game.

3 different fight modes: One on One, Tag Battle (including Co-op play with a friend) and Team Battle.

Simple, easy to learn gameplay. No more 360s or zig zag motions, instant access to all moves without POWing, etc.

The game will have a story for arcade mode for each team. More to come when this is implemented.

CLICK BELOW! It's free. No installation. Works on Windows XP and higher!

July 21/2018

Things are looking good for August. All the collapse KOs are completed now. There's a few finishing touches left to do. I'm leaning towards Vice being a release separately later in the year. Also Hinako joins the cast with a new look.

May 26/2018

The big 2018 release will be delayed a bit. Probably until August. The main reason is the availability of the spriters to complete the last tweaks. We've got a few things on the go. Tizoc and Hinako will be pushed past the big release as I want the last big sprite focus to be Vice's conversion.

Mar 12/2018

The biggest news is that KOFE was moved to Mugen 1.1b. This allows for better compatibility with plugins and OpenGL. Only 6 characters remain to create collapse KOs for. After those are done, the main focus will be finishing Morrigan and then moving to Tizoc and Vice. Currently targeting a release for 2018 is slated for July

Sep 28/2017

Juri revealed as one of the last roster updates. Also work on converting Vice has begun. In the meantime, only about 12 characters remain to update for combo potential and collapses. There should be a release before the end of the year.

Aug 14/2017

Small update to the character listing. Some new fighters have joined the battle. Also, Kusanagi's out. His replacement is yet to be determined. Stay tuned.

Aug 13/2017

Updating the KOFE gameplay page and creating a new movelist document to it easier to find characters moves. Other than that, you can check out my youtube channel to see the new Ryu gameplay vid. I continue to code updates to the combo system and my spriting team continues to make custom characters and collapse KOs.

July 16/2017

There's been a lot of progress in the past year. Most notably, some color separations for characters, the completion of Iori XII edits, the addition of air blocks, the edit and creation of a few new moves and progress of the collapse KOs. Only about 10 left to go. Now that the progress of the game is heavily spriting dependent, I've begun working on Capcom characters identified in the game. Tessa is completed, Ryu is 2 moves away from completion, Morrigan progresses (we are just about ready to start spriting her basic attacks), and work on Chun Li has begun. With the collapse KOs being targeted for completion in the next 2 months or so, expect more on a release soon!

July 10/2016

The website got a facelift in order to prepare for EVO. Check out the new story for KOFE and some screenshots. Some sections are still under construction. Speaking of EVO, I'll be there. So if you plan to attend and see a guy playing Mugen on his laptop, come over and say hi!

July 2/2016

A new special version of KOFE has just been released to celebrate EVO. I've taken all the feedback I've received from v0.99 and issues I've found on my own and did a pretty big update to the game. Tag glitches have been fixed, awkward spriting positions, a couple new moves and newcommer Nakoruru joins the roster. Iori has temporarily been removed as I update his look. He'll be released once his update is finished as a separate download. Links on the download page

The 2018 release is planned for summer of 2018. Here's the main highlights:

The addition of Hinako | More combo opportunities for each character | Some character clean ups and new animations and a couple adjusted moves | A new look for Ryo, Robert, Billy and Takuma | Missing Collapse KOs for characters

Version 1.0 is planned for release sometime in 2019. Here's what will be added:


A redesign for Vice to give her pants | A redesign of Hinako to give her a sporty look


           Raiden             Ryuhaku               John           Michael           Hanzo    

Plus the full Capcom roster, including these Capcom conversions


      Cammy             Morrigan             Decapre

The KOFE Story for Arcade mode


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